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We provide Industrial customers an easy-to-use, automated, chemical-free solution to remove fine particles from high suspended solids liquid streams. The VelRay X™ filter is an essential product for addressing our growing global water challenge, enabling greater capability in processing source water, recycling and reusing process water, and treating wastewater.​
Algaeing is a verb. It’s about being proactive against climate change. We formulate eco-positive, scalable solutions for manufacturing fibers and dyeing fabrics.
Algramo is a business model focused as a distribution channel for basic need products in bulk. It contemplates its retail sale, through dispensing machines in returnable containers, in order to reduce purchase prices, responding to the problem of lack of liquidity in low-income families that does not allow to buy higher volume formats, combating ¨poverty tax¨, also reducing the environmental impact of packaging. The problem we are attacking is that today 63% of the world's population lives on less than US $ 4.00 a day. In Latin America this situation corresponds to 73% of the population. The economic system does not help to facilitate the scenario. Today in neighborhoods and settlements there is a “punishment for poverty”, which translates into a 40% surcharge in consumer goods in relation to neighborhoods with a better socioeconomic situation. This is due to the lack of liquidity of people with fewer resources, which prevents them from buying higher volume formats, causing more frequent consumption, in smaller packages and, ultimately, considerably more expensive.
AMP Robotics is reimagining and actively modernizing the world’s recycling infrastructure by applying AI and robotics to economically recover commodities reclaimed as raw materials for the global supply chain. The AMP Cortex™ high-speed robotics system automates the identification and sorting of recyclables from mixed material streams. The AMP Neuron™ AI platform continuously trains itself by recognizing different colors, textures, shapes, sizes, patterns, and even brand labels to identify materials and their recyclability. Neuron then guides robots to pick and place the material to be recycled. Designed to run 24/7, all of this happens at superhuman speed with extremely high accuracy.
ansā is a viable and sustainable alternative to industrial coffee roasting. They use innovative roasting technology that uses dielectric heating to activate the beans by applying heat from the core to the shell.
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Browzwear’s pioneering 3D solutions for apparel design, development and merchandising are the key to a successful digital product lifecycle. Through beautiful, true-to-life 3D, designers, developers, production, and marketing can now collaborate effectively to get creative products to market faster than ever before. With Browzwear, brands and retailers worldwide are connecting people and processes, reducing iterations and samples, and merchandising garments even before they are produced.
By Rotation is the world's first social fashion rental app. We're transforming the way fashion is consumed by allowing users to share their wardrobes. Do good for the planet, your wardrobe and your wallet at the same time.
CoLoadX is a high-frequency freight marketplace providing instant search, booking, and tracking using a cargo visibility system and real-time rich data. Selected for the 2019 Freightwaves FreightTech 100 Award, honoring innovation and disruption within the freight industry: https://www.freightwaves.com/awards/freighttech
Dai delivers comfort-empowered performance for women everyday, everywhere. Certified B Corp. Carbon neutral and 50%+ biodegradable or recycled yarns in 2021. We innovate apparel at the intersection of technical, eco-friendly fabrics, elegant tailoring and versatile, functional design for the modern professional woman. We are a digitally native, direct-to-consumer e-commerce brand bringing premium European craftsmanship to the global contemporary womenswear market. Beyond products, we are a proud Certified B Corporation® committed to doing better for our planet and people.
We produce eco-friendly functional membranes for the outdoor textile industry. Our 2D products involve a conventional lamination of the dimpora membrane onto a textile. The waterproof fluorine-free membrane is mainly based on polyurethane and undergoes our template removal approach to create the necessary porosity, thus achieving an excellent breathability. We are also currently scaling up our first biodegradable membrane.
Earthodic is an Australian materials science company creating functional biobased coatings.
Easy Aerial develops and manufactures autonomous and remotely operated military-grade drone-in-a-box solutions designed to go above and beyond – even in the most hostile environments.